Upcycle Your BAD tokens

To receive 50 BAGS:

#1. Your BAD token holdings have to be older than our project creation. 2019-07-02. 

#2. Send 1 token or more (It has to have at least 0.01$ value on CMC) to 0xBda4B3Af1c7e15Ba2660a38df67B12CA150Af3a7 as a “Proof Of BAG”, from the account, you are holding your BAD tokens.
(You will receive new BAGS token to your sending address.)

#3. Follow our Twitter page. Join our Telegram or Discord channel.

#4. What happened with your investment? Write down your worst “BAG HOLDER” story, in the form “My story” (You must write at least two sentences about your previous investment to get through the verification process)

#5. Enter Transaction ID from step #2.


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